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Consult Broadwater Marine for Expert Maritime Solutions

For those seeking expert guidance for their vessels, Broadwater Marine is the trusted name in the maritime industry. With extensive experience and profound knowledge, Broadwater Marine offers unparalleled expertise in various maritime services.


Feel free to contact Broadwater Marine to discuss your vessel's requirements. Your maritime needs are in capable hands.

Marine Surveys


Broadwater Marine offers comprehensive marine survey services on Vancouver Island, the Greater Vancouver area and the Kootenay Region, essential for insurance and sales purposes:

  • Insurance & Valuation Surveys: Accepted by all underwriters in the Provence.

  • Pre-sale Condition Surveys: Informed decisions for buyers and sellers.

  • Mechanical & Damage Surveys: Expert assessment for optimal vessel performance.

Despite adverse weather challenges, we ensure professional, meticulous, and reliable services. Choose Broadwater Marine for accurate, high-quality marine surveys.

Travel Boat

Repair Services


Contact Broadwater Marine to discuss your repair, service, or ongoing maintenance needs for your vessel on Vancouver Island. Our expert team is ready to assist you with timely and reliable solutions.

Service Limitation Notice:

Kindly be informed that our repair and maintenance services are currently limited to the immediate area around Victoria and Sidney Marinas.

Please note that travel charges will apply

For professional and convenient vessel care, trust us to deliver exceptional service tailored to your needs. Get in touch today to ensure your vessel receives the attention it deserves.

ISM & ISPS Consultation

With over three decades of comprehensive training and hands-on experience in the dynamic marine industry, Jason Caple of Broadwater Marine is dedicated to providing specialized consultations tailored to your specific needs. Our services encompass a range of expertise, including compliance with international maritime regulations such as the ISM (International Safety Management) and ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security) Codes.

The ISM Code, officially titled the "International Safety Management Code for the Safe Operation of Ships and Pollution Prevention," applies to commercial ships exceeding 500 tons and 24 meters in length. It is a mandatory global requirement. At Broadwater Marine, we specialize in crafting manuals tailored to the unique specifications of each vessel, along with conducting essential Internal Audits as required.

Similarly, the ISPS Code, or "International Ship and Port Facility Security Code," is another critical standard for maritime safety. We offer services to develop the Ships Security Plan (SSP) in adherence to the ISPS Code, complemented by thorough Internal Audits to ensure compliance.


In addition to these services, Broadwater Marine extends its expertise to the Mini ISM, designed for boats under 24 meters/500 tons, particularly those in small passenger and commercial categories. While not currently a mandatory requirement, the Mini ISM addresses potential future regulations, and our team is equipped to provide the necessary planning, documentation, and Internal Audits to stay ahead of emerging standards.

Personalized Consultation Services:

Broadwater Marine specializes in providing personalized consultations over the phone. Clients can expect tailored advice addressing specific requirements, whether it involves marine surveying, refit and repair, or safety management.

Safety Management Systems:

Jason Caple's notable expertise and achievements include crafting Safety Management Systems for some of the world's largest super yachts. Leveraging this experience, he ensures a high level of thoroughness and tested procedures when creating SMS systems for your company or vessel.


At Broadwater Marine, clients can rely on Jason Caple's expertise backed by years of industry knowledge.for expert guidance in the dynamic marine landscape 


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