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Feel free to contact me about your needs for your vessel, I am available for a over the phone consultation on what service you may need, I cover a wide range of Vancouver Island and the Interior of British Columbia 


Call to discuss your needs for the repair or service you require or your continued maintenance program you wish to do on your vessel,

Please note that these services are limited to the immediate area around the greater Victoria BC and up to a 15 km radius before travel charges apply


The mainstay of Broadwater Marine's business on Vancouver Island. I offer the full range of Marine Surveying for the area and my surveys have been approved by the main underwriters in the Provence which due to current regulations in the marine insurance industry is a requirement that a qualified marine surveyor can only perform the surveys listed below.

Surveys performed


  • Insurance

  • Pre-sale

  • Condition

  • Damage

All surveys are performed in the most professional manner and it is known that adverse weather conditions of our area can effect various aspects of any inspection but I will  do the utmost to meet your needs and perform the required service.


Because of the nature of my training and experience over the last 30 years I have become very aware of the rapid changing regulations and conditions of the marine industry and environment

I have created Safety Management Systems for some of the biggest Superyacths in the world and with this experience I know I can offer a level thoroughness and tested procedures when creating SMS systems for your company or vessel

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